Deep Cleaning

What Is Deep Cleaning ?

You’ve been keeping your home clean and tidy, but you know it’s time for a thorough cleaning session, to go deep! Our Deep Cleaning service usually comes before the Standard Cleaning package, or it’s one-time residential cleaning you wish to book occasionally.

The service is designed to get your home as clean as possible, getting to those hard-to-reach and neglected areas you usually skip in your day-to-day home cleaning routine. Occasional deep cleaning days are a must if you want to make sure all the out-of-sight and not easily accessible areas are properly cleaned. This way, you prevent building hard-to-clean Petri dishes.

We recommend Deep Cleaning service to all first-time clients to make sure their further cleaning plans start on a clean note. Anyone who hasn’t used a professional cleaning service in a while needs to deep clean first to maintain a spotless home more efficiently, be it with our Standard Service or on their own.

How to Deep Clean Your House

1-Declutter Before deep Cleaning
2- Deep clean Windows
3-Remove dust from surfaces
4-Deep Clean the floors
5-Start nigh , go low
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